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Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Steel


Who we are?

Petro Sanat Kabir (PSK), was established in response to a rising demand for numerous services in oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, steel and other industries. Our talented people with the supervision of our highly experienced managers assist us to drive our business forward. They apply their diverse skills and expertise to deliver complex projects across all areas of our business. We apply our capabilities of advanced technology, and proven expertise across our operations and projects to help us deliver against our strategic priorities in ways that we believe set us apart from our peers, which will eventually culminate in customer satisfaction.

PSK provides comprehensive services for the development of various projects in fields of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and other energy Industries, from the Initial Concept of Feasibility Studies to the Provision of Know-How & License, Conceptual& Basic Design, FEED, Detail Design & Engineering, followed by Procurement & Material Supply, Construction Supervision and Project Management.

As a consequence of being a vision-oriented enterprise, and by means of determination of our priorities, quality portfolio and distinctive capabilities, we have been able to create value for our investors during our cooperation.

As an international company, we have several joint companies and active branches throughout the world, especially Europe, Asia and Middle East. Hence, these branches enable us to deliver our services from our customers’ desired continent to all over the universe.


Our customers recognize us for our outstanding services, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.


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We provide outstanding products and matchless service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

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We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.

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We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help the company win.

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A Will to Win

We demonstrate a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.


Our customers recognize us for our outstanding services, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.


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Our engineering company is organized to perform all engineering services in oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and other energy Industries according to international standards.

Design and engineering services are the core competency of engineering consultancy and designing activities of our team. The company is prominently able to offer the basic and detail engineering and consultancy services by employing experts and experienced engineers.

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Procurement & Material Supply

Petro Sanat Kabir (PSK)and its predetermined strategies with the assistance of the qualified and experienced management team have taken the necessary measures to become one of the most trusted enterprises in order to distribute general items by means of partnering with the world’s oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, steel and other industrial. The provided general items include: valve, fitting, flange, pipe and tube. To make our services flawless, we have added supplying plates and other relevant equipment into our diverse services which are only a small portion of our area of expertise.

Moreover, Petro Sanat Kabir is active in supplying all types of mechanical equipment with complex delivery of main and auxiliary equipment. Providing diverse range of mechanical equipment such as: Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Mixers, Agitator, Separators, Blowers, Dryers, Bagging machines, Pelletizers, Bearing, Mechanical seals and etc.

We believe to be successful in this competitive market, we must overcome all the obstacles to meet our customers’ requirement, and therefore we made all the efforts to expand our competences by providing wide range of instruments and electrical equipment.

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Management Consulting (MC)

Our company has a remarkable ability in responsibility reception of MC in oil, gas, petrochemical and other energy industries using expert engineers and special software. In these fields, our team perform MC at all stages of a project such as:

  • Supervision and monitoring Sub-Contractors in terms of Quality and Progress
  • Supervision and auditing Basic Engineering Activities
  • Management and inspection of all domestic and overseas procurement Sources
  • Supervision and double checking of detailed Engineering Activities
  • Supervision of Commissioning and Startup
  • Technical and Economical Study of the Projects
  • Coordination of Activities Prior to issuing the Contract with Licensor
  • Supervision on Basic Engineering Contracts
  • Financing Arrangements
  • Project Planning, Scheduling & Cost Control
  • Provision of Know-How & License
  • Conceptual & Basic Design
  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detail Design & Engineering
  • Commissioning & Start-Up

Our customers recognize us for our outstanding services, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.


In order to develop its services, PSK has succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation from the following companies:

  • AEGSAM Germany,
  • Panama Petrochem Ltd.
  • LEEG instrument Ltd.



AEGSAM was founded in 2009 with the focus of maintenance for power production equipment and sales of spare parts for power plants.

Since then AEGSAM has acquired facilities for production of turbine spare parts, turbine blade, gas and steam turbine components.

With 30 years of service in the energy industry AEGSAM exceeds customer needs with industry leading EPC methods in the energy industry.


AEGSAM sells spare parts for turbine, provide turbine maintenance, and sell various AEG MC9 series Circuit breakers, AEG and ATB electro-motors

Panama Petrochem Ltd. Image

Panama Petrochem Ltd.

Panama Petrochem Ltd was established in 1982. With four manufacturing plants across India today, Panama Petrochem Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of more than 80 variants of petroleum specialty products. The products are vital for various industries like inks and resins, textiles, rubber, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, power, cables and other industrial purposes.
Global Presence:

By exploring international markets, Panama Petrochem Ltd. continuously aims to bring about a rise in the exports. Petroleum Jelly, Liquid Paraffin, Transformer Oil, Rubber Process Oil and variety of other products are exported to different countries like USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, African Sub-continent and South East Asia etc.

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LEEG Instruments


LEEG Instruments is committed to provide excellent performance of measure and control instruments in the area of industrial automation, which implement measurement and control procedures more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer.

As one of the most innovative provider of measuring instruments solution, LEEG take technology, innovation, and profession as the core concept and try best to supply the highest quality products and services to continually create maximum value for customer, and help clients achieve outstanding achievements.

LEEG have over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing and utilizing hundreds of thousands of products in industry application. LEEG both has two core technologies of sensor technics and circuit board technics. Its profound understanding to the product application and strong technical background ensure you the best products solutions and help you achieve a greater success.

  • Flush diaphragm pressure transmitter
  • Industry pressure transmitter
  • Compact pressure transmitter
  • Pressure switch
  • Pressure sensor
  • Submersible pressure transmitter
  • Submersible pressure switch
  • Integrated temperature transmitter
  • Thermometer
  • Integrated temperature switch
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Display instruments
  • Manifold


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